My Early Life

Here you can get a detail about my early life. My good name is Karandeep Singh. I am from a Sri Muktsar Sahib. Which is one of the beautiful and religious places of Punjab. Everyone has many types of different hobbies. My hobbies are to sing songs, playing football and one of my hobbies is to explore new places. So, I will share my personal experience of travel and give some tips about the most visiting places. I have started my tours with my first school tour with my classmates. When I was in 5th class. That first tour was of science city. Which is located in Kapurthala, Punjab.

About my Interest and Hobbies

Listing Music:- Everyone loves to listen to music. Music is also one type of piece of life because it changes our mood and also feels us a fresh mind.

Watching Movies

Watching movies is one of the best sources of entertainment. We also get a lot of knowledge. It also inspires ur to grow in life. Some people also watch movies for a fun.

Singing and writing songs

I am very fond of music since my childhood. I love to sing songs in my free time. I also like to write songs. I have written my first song when I was in 9th class in my secondary school.


Travelling is also a good hobby because we came into this beautiful world and we have to explore this world and make life beautiful and joyful with the help of travelling and watching a new place.

Playing Games

Everyone loves to play games while we can talk about a 3-4 year child or an adult’s. Everyone play games in his life in his free time and to enjoy. I am also very big fond of playing games. Games are also of two types of Outdoor games and indoor games. Nowadays more people like to play games on Mobile phones, Laptops, PSP, Xbox and many other sources. I also like to play more indoor games than outdoor games. While outdoor games are good for our health. In early life mostly people play outdoor games and was more healthy than today’s youth.

Present Time

I am currently spending my days in Chandigarh and working on a tiptotrip. I live here with my friends and spending a very good time in my life while exploring new places.